Camera: Proof of Delivery 14 [free]


This app can merge screenshot (when provided) and photo with stamped time, date and location.
This app can be used on many occasions, such as food delivery, merch delivery, shopping delivery, as well as the combined result of a photo and screenshot into one becomes a
proof of delivery for many delivery apps as well as for customers.
A good example to use the app is when a delivery app asks you to provide a proof of delivery when there was a clash between app's and customer's instructions to complete
delivery. Such app tells you to hand it over to customer, but the customer tells you from behind the closed door to leave it outside, keep in mind that is a non-liquor
So, in this case, you can snap a photo of the delivered item and merge it with a screenshot of the app where it shows the clash in the delivery instructions.
This can easily be saved for future presentation to the delivery app's customer service upon their request to provide a photo proof of the delivery, where it was delivered and
at what time and date.
Use this app to cover your back in case of a problem with any delivery app.

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  • App Name: Camera: Proof of Delivery
  • Category: Photography
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  • Version: 14
  • Requirement: 8.0 or higher
  • File Size : 2.01 MB
  • Updated: 2023-05-25