Kilowatt 1.0.0 [free]


Tired of being chained to money-hoarding dealers charging to flip a couple toggles on your controller? Kilowatt brings freedom for you!
If you're looking to tweak your controller to your liking, capturing telemetry data, or just want to use your phone as a dashboard, Kilowatt got you covered.
Supported features:
- Change battery voltage, power delivery and regeneration limits
- Calibrate your throttle minimum and maximum with an easy wizard
- Set up motor parameters and calibrate the position sensor
- Enable Eco/Sport and Reverse functions using physical switches
- Enable motor cutoff or regen braking when using brake levers
- Enable and calibrate variable regen braking (thumb or foot brake)
- Change gear ratio and wheel diameter for accurate speedometer
- Enable and configure temperature sensor from a variety of models
- Track realtime parameters and export as CSV for overlaying in videos
- Use your phone as a Dashboard and get free telemetry data for your rides
*** Motor support ***
Kilowatt allows you to configure any motor, but comes with known good values for the following predefined models:
- Sur-Ron / Segway X260
- KO Factory Spec
- QS165 v1 / v2 / v3
*** Battery support ***
Kilowatt allows to configure your controller to work with any battery by allowing you to choose the number of cells in series and define current limits, but it comes with the
following battery profiles:
- 48V, 60V and 72V
- 4.8kW (suited for Sur-Ron/Talaria stock battery when on 60V)
- 7.2kW (Suited for Sur-Ron/Talaria bypassed battery when on 60V)
- 10kW and 15kW (Suited for aftermarket batteries of any voltage)

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  • App Name: Kilowatt
  • Category: Tools
  • App Code: bike.kilowatt.Staging
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Requirement: 5.0 or higher
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  • Updated: 2023-03-18