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Are you looking to measure your Blood pressure and monitor Pulse Heart rate? Now you don’t need a special device. Track your heart pulse rate, Blood glucose, Sugar level and
BMI (Body Mass Index) with this BP monitor app. BP Tracker is the safest, accurate, real-time measuring pulse detector and blood pressure monitor.
Blood Pressure App & Heart Rate monitor is a health assistant that tracks your BP trends, finds info, and provides a healthy lifestyle. The blood pressure monitor app
allows you to control your Hypertension, monitor heart rate, and calculate Fat level with BMI Calculator. Users can log health readings, view trends & send reports to
their professional healthcare provider with this blood pressure monitor. So Keep track of your blood pressure, and determine what areas need improvement.
Say Goodbye to the journals and notebooks to monitor heart rate, blood sugar tracking and Weight tracker to maintain healthy life. You will be able to access the history of
all your measurements at any time, allowing you to recognize changes and take action accordingly. Start to manage your health conveniently by hand with Blood Pressure
monitor & Heart Rate Monitor app. There's also valuable information and useful insights about health. Get a comprehensive health tracker and knowledge in one
place.The Blood Pressure Tracker App is designed for people who:
• Still, record blood pressure and pulse rate on paper.
• Want to track changes in their BP and heart rate level.
• Want to calculate body mass index to find out ideal weight.
• Knowledge and advice on healthy lifestyles and fitness.
• Don't know how to report BP changes to their doctor.
• Wish to check my BP regularly, but I sometimes forget to do so.Blood Pressure Monitor App:
BP tracker can quickly log daily BP data. It easily save, edits, update, or deletes daily reading values. It is convenient for long-term tracking of your daily health
status, mastering BP changes, and comparing data in different periods.Heart Rate Monitor:
Heart Rate Tracker is the most accurate app to measure your pulse. Get accurate heart rate within seconds by just entering data. Also, you can view history charts, save
data, and even send data to doctors.BMI Calculator
The BMI Calculator can calculate and evaluate your BMI (Body Mass Index) simply by entering age, gender, height, and weight. It supports both metric and imperial
units.Blood Sugar Tracking
Effortlessly manage your health with our Blood Sugar Tracking feature. Monitor your glucose levels seamlessly and gain valuable insights into your well-being.Insights & Knowledge:
BP Tracker provides scientifically proven knowledge and written articles, ranging from hypertension, hypotension, measurement, symptoms, causes, treatments, and diagnosis to
first aid. You will find all the comprehensive information and tips that take your BP under control.Export & Share Data:
All the health data and BP trends you've entered may be exported as CSV files, allowing you to share your health readings and changes with your family, physician, or health
consultant.Why you should choose this Health App
• Useful, necessary for all ages
• Accurate and useful from the knowledge provided
• Fast data processing speed
• Easy to use, easy to understand
• Export and share results of health app with othersNote:
Our App serves as a BP tracker and DOES NOT measure it. No app can replace professional medical measurement devices. Please use an FDA-approved blood pressure monitor to
measure your BP reliably.
Overall, the Blood Pressure monitor App & BP Tracker is a must-have for anyone who wants to take control of their health. With its unique features and user-friendly
interface, this app makes it easy to track your progress, identify patterns, and stay on peak of your health. Download the BP App today and start tracking your health data
with ease.

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