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Greetings, this is Caller Name Announcer: Hands-Free Pro. This program lets you know who is calling or texts you as soon as they do. This is a powerful announcer app that
can assist you with safe driving and in using the smartphone when you have physical limitations.
An efficient, user-friendly, and adaptable announcer app is Caller Name Announcer. Calls and SMS announcer by it. Its flashlight alert feature lets you know when you receive
a call, text, or app notification.
Key Features Of Call Name Announcer:
❋ Speak whos calling ringtone.
❋ Identify unknown caller name.
❋ Detailed call summary after every call.
❋ Call announcer.
❋ SMS announcer.
❋ Gives Battery notification on current power level.
❋ You can set caller name speaker ringtone.
❋ Customize caller name announcements by setting repetition frequency and time duration.
❋ There is an option for flashlight while receiving SMS.
❋ Many more are coming soon
SMS Announcer - Call Name Id Announcer App
An excellent app called Caller Name Announcer detects incoming calls and loudly announces the caller's name to notify you when a call comes in.
When you're exercising, walking, driving, or cooking and can't glance at your phone screen, a call name announcer comes in handy. Caller name speaker is useful if you have
trouble moving around or if the phone is just out of reach.
SMS Announcer and Caller Name Speaker
Caller Name Announcer announces the name of the incoming caller using a text-to-speech engine. It facilitates efficient time management in your hectic schedule.
'Enable or disable' the announcer function according to your needs. The mobile auto responder assists you in identifying calls that require an immediate response.
Unknown Caller Talker
The Call Announcer app lets users hear who is phoning. The say caller name functionality works for callers who aren't even on your contact list because smart caller ID can
identify unfamiliar numbers. Unknown numbers are used to identify spam calls.
Caller Name Announcer App - SMS Announcer:
The call announcer software comes in handy as it reads out messages so you can understand what's inside. Filtering is an option if you need to respond right away.
Battery Voice Alert – Caller talker:
You receive a pop-up notification and a battery-operated voice alert when you use WhatsApp Announcer. Your smartphone's notification allows you to know when the battery is
running low so you can charge it before it dies.
Download Caller Announcer today and experience the future of hands-free communication. Join the growing community of users who are discovering a smarter and safer way to
handle incoming calls.
Say goodbye to the constant phone-checking routine and welcome Caller Announcer as your indispensable communication companion. Try it now and embrace a new era of
convenience and safety in your daily life.

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