وتس عمر الاخضر اب بلس 10.8 [free]


WhatsApp Omar Al-Akhdar will enable you to get to know many users in an Arab chat that includes thousands of Arab users.
There are a lot of different rooms in the new Omar Al-Annabi Whatsapp, which you can join as soon as you start downloading the Omar Blue chat. You will never feel bored by
downloading your copy of the chat.
The burgundy WhatsApp is one of the best applications ever, which is famous for its many advantages, including hiding the appearance of users, as well as hiding the connection
status. You can also save friends' statuses with ease, with just a click of a button, without obtaining an additional program.
There are many other rooms, including Yemen chat, the largest Yemeni gathering ever, as well as Kuwait chat, as well as Egypt chat, which includes Egyptians in one place. You
can also try Morocco chat and many Arab countries chats.
In the original WhatsApp Gold, we are keen to enrich the chat with meaningful content that is far from infringing matters, and we do not allow anyone to send any content that
violates the agreed terms of use.
Download WhatsApp Omar Al-Azraq does not affect any connection to any company such as WhatsApp or others, but rather it is an acquaintance chat from our programming, we are the
developers, and we do not allow anyone to copy the content without prior permission
Please be informed that this Application is not affiliated with any with Whatsapp and/or Whatsapp for Business. Whatsapp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc and all trademarks
displayed on this application are the property of their respective owners.
We have created an instant installation application for WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi to facilitate the process of installing the application that is not available in the Play Store
and easy access to it
As you know, most of the applications that are not available in the Play Store are often difficult to download because there are many short links on those sites.
What is WhatsApp Omar?
It is a modified WhatsApp from the green WhatsApp, to which new and unique features have been added and found useful.
Is WhatsApp Omar secure?
WhatsApp Omar is completely safe and the same security as the official green WhatsApp, because it is a modified version of WhatsApp from the official green WhatsApp. Some
programmers, as well as anti-virus programs and harmful applications, checked WhatsApp Omar, but it did not appear to them that WhatsApp Omar was harmful.
Did you download WhatsApp Omar expose you to the ban?
No, never, there is no ban, because the official application is the mainstay that was developed by the young Omar Badeb, where all the features it offers from free calls and the
exchange of all media were preserved, and it added features that users liked and were not in the official application, so it is not There is no danger to the phone or SIM number
in downloading Omar Badeb's WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Omar is completely an original copy of the official WhatsApp, but it enables you to do several things, most notably:
• The ability to open more than one WhatsApp account at the same time.
• The ability to hide the state of appearance.
• The ability to see cases while hiding that you have seen them with others.
Features of WhatsApp Omar:
• The ability to hide the correct receipt or correct reading marks
• It is known that after sending the message to any WhatsApp user, if an internet connection is available, two gray check marks appear, meaning that he has received it, and if
he reads it, two blue check marks appear.
• WhatsApp Omar is characterized by the fact that you can remove both the check marks for receiving or reading, and thus you will receive and read all messages from all
contacts, without them knowing the date of receipt and the date of reading, or even that you received the message in the first place.
• The ability to upload long videos in my case
• It is known that WhatsApp's policy requires you, when uploading video cases, to have a duration of 30 seconds, and in the event that the duration increases, it is cropped to
the thirty second.
• However, WhatsApp Omar enables you to upload the video as a status as it has a maximum duration of two minutes without any problems.
• A huge library of new themes has been added
• Ability to change notification tone, start/stop sound recording tone
• Transition effects features have been added
• A button to create group chats has been provided
• The ability to translate messages automatically
• Possibility of setting cases up to 700 characters
• The ability to show the blue check mark in the event of a group response
• The ability to hide messages
• The ability to automatically stop downloading media, video, audio, documents, etc. files
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  • App Name: وتس عمر الاخضر اب بلس
  • Category: Social
  • App Code: chat.wtts.mar.gree.pppls
  • Version: 10.8
  • Requirement: 4.4 or higher
  • File Size : 15.09 MB
  • Updated: 2023-03-20