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About Dewa Nurcahya | Wayang Golek Asep Sunandar
Enjoy the best collection of Sundanese Wayang Golek in a play entitled Dewa Nurcahya performed by Ki Dalang Asep Sunandar Sunarya. Dewa Nurcahya's wayang play tells the story of
how Amarta State (led by King Yudistira) faces the very cruel King Sanghiang of the Netra Universe. Sanghiang Jagat Netra tries to colonize Amarta. Did Amarta finally fall under
occupation? Or was Sanghiang Jagat Netra successfully defeated by King Yudistira? How was the battle going between the two kingdoms? Please install and find the answer.
Wayang Golek is a traditional Sundanese art of wayang performance made of wooden puppets, which is especially popular in the Tanah Pasundan area.The area of ​​its distribution
stretches widely from Cirebon in the east to Banten in the west, even in the Central Java area bordering West Java. There are also often Wayang Golek performances. Wayang golek
is presented in galur or carangan plays. The story usually comes from folk tales, the Ramayana, or the Mahabharata.
Ki Asep Sunandar Sunarya is a puppet show maestro in Indonesia. As a puppeteer, he is consistent in his field of work, teu incah balilahan. Without the presence of Asep Sunandar
Sunarya, maybe Cepot would not be as popular as it is today. Thanks to his creativity and innovation, he has succeeded in increasing the degree of wayang golek, which is
considered a traditional art by some people. The increase was carried out by creating Cepot puppets that could nod, Blind vomiting noodles, Arjuna with his arrows, Bima with his
mace as well as his luxurious puppet clothes.
The Sundanese are an ethnic group originating from the western part of the island of Java, Indonesia, with the term Tatar Pasundan which covers the administrative areas of the
provinces of West Java, Banten, Jakarta and the western region of Central Java (Banyumasan). The Sundanese are scattered in various parts of Indonesia, with the provinces of
Banten and West Java as the main areas.Featured Features
* Offline audio. All audio can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection. There is also no need to stream so it really saves on data quota.
* Shuffle feature. Plays random audio automatically. Providing a different and entertaining experience of course.
* Repeat / Repeat feature. Plays all or every audio automatically and continuously. Makes it easy to listen to all available songs automatically.
* Play, pause, next, and slider bar features. Provides full control over every audio play.
* Minimal permission (excuse me). Safe for personal data because this application is not taken at all.
* Free. Can be enjoyed completely without paying a dime.Disclaimer
All of content in this application is not our trademark. We only get the content from search engines and websites. The copyright of all content in this application is fully
owned by the creators, musicians and music labels are concerned. If you are the copyright holder of the songs contained in this application and are not pleasing your song
displayed, please contact us via email developer and tell us about the status of your ownership.

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