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"Have you always wanted to learn to play tennis! but you've been unsure of where to start?
Tennis is scoring some major points these days thanks to the U.S. Open (currently in full swing). But you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy a friendly match of
racket-swinging. Tennis can be played year round, indoors or out.
That’s a good thing, because regular bouts can improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, agility, and balance. Here we’ll break down the rules, gear, lingo, and more to help
any would-be tennis pro get started.
Tennis is a lifetime sport that can be played and enjoyed by people of any age and of every ability. Whether you’re picking up a tennis racquet for the first time or you’ve
played the game for years, you’ll find that tennis is a sport whose bounty of benefits is unmatched by any other sport or activity. It’s a great way to stay fit, make
friends, spend quality time with your family life – and have fun! Tennis is a sport that can add years to your life and life to your years. When you find yourself in the
game, you’ll find yourself in a happier, healthier place.
In order to know how to play tennis, a good understanding of the tennis rules and court dimensions of the game must be understood. Tennis is played between two players, this
is called singles or two teams of two players, four in all, this is called doubles.
Play starts when the player whose turn it is to serve attempts to hit a ball into play. Play will then continue should the receiver manage to return the ball back to his
opponent. This phase is called a rally. The point is contested between the players. This rally continues until either the ball lands out of play, or hit’s the net without
managing to pass over to the opponents side or bounces twice before a player can return it to his opponent.
The primary rule is that a player can only hit the ball once before returning it to his opponent.
It's also a great way to spend time with your family or your friends. Learn the layout of the court, the scoring system, and all the playing techniques you need to become a
tennis professional!
Wish you could take tennis lessons from a professional player? You can, with these application tennis tutorials."

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