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Adaptive Learning for Kids 3-8.
Yeti Confetti by Lirvana Labs was born to provide a personalized learning and fun app experience for preschool to elementary aged kids. We have engaged pediatricians, play
therapists, and child development specialists to curate an 800+ growing library of teaching videos, cartoons, songs, audiobooks, demos and dances, aligned to curriculum in
Math and English, to help kids learn while watching and listening! Every child has a unique learning track for each concept and skill they are taught at home or at school,
and we believe media should be delivered on devices like vitamins - to boost learning, and not as vices - causing addiction and mom guilt. Handing over a screen (TV,
tablets, phones) to children, not knowing what they're watching, what they may have picked up while watching, and keeping young ones healthy is the biggest plight of parents
these days. "I am at the whim of recommendation engines that optimize for eyes glued to screens" - that's what we've heard from parents across the world.
Made for preschool to elementary aged kids, our app uses our proprietary smart-kids AI engine (child psychologist and curriculum researcher endorsed) to pick-and-choose
content that is age-appropriate and personalized to match your child’s English and Math level and learning needs, while break-times are optimized with social-emotional
workouts! Educating AND entertaining your kids with over 800+ multimedia content & 200+ interactive games and skills challenges. Optimized for learning outcomes, not
minutes watched!
1. Safe, Healthy, Educator Recommended Media platform - don’t sweat the hard work of looking up what’s fun, safe and healthy for your kids anymore! Let us select from our
library of 800+ psychologists, character development specialists, teachers, and pediatricians endorsed videos, audiobooks, songs and more, curated for maximum engagement,
minimum addiction, AND curriculum-aligned to Common Core and International Baccalaureate schools in the US and over 190 countries!
2. Yeti Confetti, your adventure buddy powered by AI - First-ever human-like adventure buddy specifically built to encourage learning through practice, provide hints to
solve problems, and guide kids through a multi-modal learn/play experience, just like a real-life 1:1 nanny! The patient and playful Yeti Confetti co-views and encourages
your kids regardless of whether they are above, below or at grade level.
3. Assessments that Meet Your Kids at Their Level - English Vocabulary, Math Reasoning, and Social Emotional work-outs reimagined as original games and assessments tried and
tested over 500+ hours with children across the learning spectrum, without judgment and 100% inclusive!
4. Real-time Dashboard for Grown-ups! - whether it’s your child or student, have everywhere, anytime control of what they are doing, whether they are watching videos,
reading books, listening to songs, or completing assessments
We have gathered tremendous demand from families (thanks for waiting while we build it right!) who have tried a prototype of Yeti Confetti, for over 500+ hours in 2022, and
we are happy to offer it to your family now for feedback and insights to improve.
Join the 100+ smart families on a limited-time free-trial of the first-ever purposeful media + personalized learning app, designed by award-winning engineers!

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