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Flowtones Edit is an Android voice editor for ToneBoosters Flowtones virtual analog synthesiser. It also functions as real-time synthesiser on your Android device!
Create, modify and fine tune your patches on the go. Use the internal piano keyboard to play and listen. Integrate catchy sequences using the integrated sequencer. Create a
library of patches on your mobile device.
Use your new patches in your music production studio by exporting your patches and import them onto the desktop or iOS version of Toneboosters Flowtones.
The free demo version has patch saving and export disabled. For the price of a cup of coffee you can unlock saving and export of patches with a simple in-app purchase.
About Toneboosters Flowtones:
Thanks to it's true VA synthesis engine, the use of analog-modelled non-linear filters and extensive modulation options, Flowtones sounds warmer and more analog than digital
romplers and wavetable-based synths.
True virtual analog synthesis features:
- 4 VCO architecture (two voice layers with two VCOs each)
- 4 synthesis engine types, in part modelled after famous analog synthesisers
- 36 analog VCO waveforms featuring all classic waveforms and more
- All VCO waveforms support pulse width modulation
- Full stereo and mono unison modes for each VCO independently
- Noise and subharmonic oscillators for each VCO
- Unique ring and self-modulation matrix
- High-quality, warm, non-linear filters (VCF) with over 30 filter types, including unique multi-resonance filters
Modulation features:
- Four LFOs with 30 waveforms each
- LFOs can modulate other LFOs, including themselves!
- Unique gating modulation sequencer editor
- Three additional envelope generators, with key velocity modulation
- Quick access to modulation strengths through context menus
- Hundreds of modulation signal paths available
- LFOs can produce noise as waveform to randomly modulate other parameters; for example to simulate slight variations in analog filter parameters as they happen in analog
Pro-grade effects
- Studio-quality reverb, delay, and chorus effects
- Unique formant filter to add vocal character
- Analog and digital distortion / bit crushing effects
- Master equaliser and peak limiter for final touch
- Non-linear power supply simulation for authentic interaction between notes
Step sequencer
- Fully integrated, intuitive step sequencer
- Can trigger chords and note series / phrases
- Can run asynchronously or synchronously to the host
- Smart copy/paste of note series to improve workflow
- Smart zoom: edit fine details while keeping an overview over the full sequence
Presets and intelligent randomizer
- Flowtones comes with hundreds of presets to spark your creativity
- Intelligent randomizer to explore endless sound synthesis possibilities

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