Uvoice(ユーボイス) 自動で貯まるポイ活アプリ 1.0.7 [free]





デジコの使い方はこちら → https://user.digi-co.net/use



 - アクセスしたウェブサイトのURL
 - アクセス日時

 - システム管理上の名称
 - 起動日時


◆ What is Uvoice? ◆
・ You can get points for actions such as answering questionnaires and providing behavior data.
・ The points you earn can be exchanged for points that can be used for everyday shopping and games.
◆ What is amazing about Uvoice? ◆
・ You can earn points just by installing the app! (When the provision of behavior data is ON)
・ Abundant points exchange destinations!
* Each digital gift can be exchanged via Digico.
Click here for how to use Digico → https://user.digi-co.net/use
◆ Uvoice is recommended for people like this! ◆
・ Those who want to easily earn pocket money
・ Those who do not want to pay for games and apps by themselves, and want to make it as cheap as possible
・ Those who are looking for pocket money that can be earned at home.
・ Honestly, the Poi-Katsu app does not last. Those who want to make life easier.
* This app collects data using the "accessibility" function [only when the behavior data provision is approved]. The data collected by this feature is as follows:
・ Information about browsing history in the browser app
-URL of the website you accessed
-Access date and time
* The contents of the accessed page and input information (ID, password, etc.) will not be acquired.
・ Information about apps launched by user operations
-System management name
-Startup date and time
* The operation information in the app will not be acquired.
See the in-app tutorial for details.

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  • App Name: Uvoice(ユーボイス) 自動で貯まるポイ活アプリ
  • Category: Lifestyle
  • App Code: com.valuesccg.uvoice
  • Version: 1.0.7
  • Requirement: 8.0 or higher
  • File Size : 10.16 MB
  • Updated: 2022-09-03