Heic Image Viewer app is a heic to jpg converter heic to png and heic to webp converter app for HEIC photos, and HEIC image files.
HEIC files are the space-saving standard image format used by Apple across their devices. A HEIC photo, HEIC image file is a raster image saved in the High Efficiency Image
Format (HEIF). HEIC is a format that contains one or multiple HEIF image sequences. Released on September 19, 2017, mobile operating system iOS 11 introduced it as the new
alternative to default image format for iPhone. Apple Inc. announced that it was replacing JPEG files with this new image format. It has a more advanced and modern compression
algorithms which allow digital photographs to be taken in smaller file sizes, and retain much higher image quality than JPEGs.
Download this HEIC image viewer App to view major HEIC images, convert HEIC images, share HEIC images easily and check for image information.
App Features:
1. HEIC image files viewer
You can browse all HEIC images, pictures and photos with this app.
2. HEIC files converter
This app can convert HEIC images to Jpeg. That is: HEIC to Jpeg.
3. Multiple image selection: Select multiple images to perform an action
4. Save, export / share, and delete HEIC images
5. This app gives a short information of the images which include the image size, last date modified and storage path.
6. View images in HEIC photo album
How to use:
1. Download the HEIC Image Viewer App
2. Launch the app and grant permission
3. Open the HEIC images app to view HEIC image
4. Share, convert and delete.
Download app now.
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  • Updated: 2023-11-20