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The most accurate and ultimate prayer times application for Muslims with Mosque management features.
You are a Muslim and You want to improve your daily Islamic side. You want to offer prayers and daily supplications on time? You are depressed and sad, different situations are
causing disappointments. You are losing faith and you want to reinstate your connection with ALLAH? You might love reading the Holy Quran with multiple translations and would
like to get daily inspirations from the Holy Book of ALLAH? You might want to track your daily prayers and set goals to improve Islamic World? What if all of your above needs
are fulfilled by InstaSalam prayer times mobile application? Press the install button and get best Islamic application having beautiful design, offering tremendous features of
Islamic side, Like
Muslim Prayer Times
InstaSalam is offering a beautiful user experience for getting accurate prayer times. Application notify you for Athan time and show you remaining time for a prayer at home
Holy Quran
You can recite the Holy Quran with multiple translations, you can set multiple fonts for Arabic, translations and transliteration. Now with InstaSalam muslim prayer times you
have full control over your Quran history, just going to the last read you will be able to see the history of the last 30 days. You can set any Chapter and Verse as your
favorite. You can share any Verse to Muslim Calm and can contribute with community.
Qibla Finder
You can get the correct direction of Qibla while traveling anywhere in the World by using InstaSalam muslim prayer times application.
Offered Prayer Tracking
Tracking your daily prayers will keep you motivated by maintaining your history. Tracking prayer is very simple and can be done in 1/2 clicks with the help of InstaSalam muslim
prayer times application.
Tasbeeh (Tasbih)
You can perform your daily Adhkar through Tasbeeh and can maintain a count. Application offers performing dhikr for every prayer, so after offering prayer simply go to Tasbeeh
and you will see Adhkar for that particular prayer in InstaSalam muslim prayers time application. It also offers morning and evening adhkar which are selected from different
authentic sources of Ahadiths.
Supplications (Dua's)
We have added many supplications selected from the Quran-o-Hadith and InstaSalam Muslim prayer times application give suggestions for those dua’s as well when you open
application and go to prayer sections.
Muslim Calm
Being a Muslim doesn't mean you always stay happy, sometime you feel sad and some time you feel depressed. You go through different ups and downs of life, where you might start
loosing faith, this is where we have brought you Muslim Calm feature in InstaSalam. You can simply select your current feelings and InstaSalam will show you different prayers
and verses from Quran which will help you to get out of such feelings and meditate you. If you are happy then you need to be stay thankful and grateful in front of our Lord, so
here InstaSalam motivate you to stay connected. This is the core feature of InstaSalam just for instant peace of your mind. You can also contribute in Calm by sharing Ayah while
reading Quran. You just have to associate a feeling with the Quran Verse, pick a background and hit share button.
Hadith & Verse of moment
You always get an Ayah and Hadith of the moment whenever you open the InstaSalam prayer times application.
You will get prayer notifications, notifications for reciting Surah Mulk and Kahf.
InstaSalam is improving on a daily basis, we are looking forward to a long journey with you. Install the application now and let's make history together.

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