Lulucos(ルルコス) - コスメのクチコミ・徹底比較 4.8.5 [free]


◆ The final check before purchase is Lulucos! ◆
With the Lulucos official app, you can compare cosmetics and cosmetics, search for reviews, and check popular cosmetics from the latest ranking.
You can find the cosmetics that suit you best from the real word-of-mouth that you can understand the regrettable points, the spec comparison between the items you are
wondering, and the compatibility with the skin quality based on the ingredient analysis.
◆ What you can do with the Lulucos app
● Search for popular cosmetics in the latest ranking
・ Everyone's popularity gathers from masterpieces to popular buzz cosmetics
・ You can narrow down by skin type / generation / budget
・ First in the industry! Total score, spec evaluation, ingredient information, price, capacity, regrettable points are listed
● Check everyone's reviews
・ Good points / regrettable points are simple and easy to understand
・ Abundant usability images actually touched up by the user
・ Detailed review text by cosmetics lovers
・ Spec evaluation based on criteria unique to each category, such as cost performance, resistance to falling, and sustainability
● Refer to everyone's makeup from the beauty report
・ Daily makeup record, introduction of all colors, HOW TO commentary, summary report of multiple products such as favorite cosmetics
● Custom comparison of lost cosmetics
・ You can compare only the cosmetics you want using the "clip function".
● Check the compatibility between ingredients and skin quality
・ Analysis of ingredients contained in cosmetics under the supervision of a dermatologist. You can see the compatibility between the ingredients and the skin type!
● Search from items you care about
・ Category search
・ Brand search
・ Search by worries / desires (acne, whitening, etc.)
・ Search by ingredient (retinol, hyaluronic acid, etc.)
・ Search by features (organic, doctor's cosmetics, etc.)
● Enjoy managing cosmetics with a calendar
・ Automatically reflected in the calendar just by entering the evaluation
・ Manage monthly cosmetics charges and the number of purchases
・ Enter the opening date to manage the expiration date
● Receive notification of the release date of new cosmetics
・ If you like cosmetics or brands before they are released, you will be notified on the release date of the cosmetics.
● Follow the users you care about
・ Follow users who want to watch from information such as age / skin type / skin color
● Apply for advantageous coupons and gift campaigns
・ We are implementing coupons that can be obtained by posting word-of-mouth communication and gift campaigns for beginners only.
◆ Recommended for people like this
・ I want to see not only good reviews but also real reviews
・ I want to compare only the cosmetics I'm wondering about
・ I want an easy-to-understand swatch with color cosmetics
・ I want to know the latest popular cosmetics
・ I want to know the evaluation of people who are familiar with cosmetics
・ I want to find cosmetics that suit my skin
・ I want to find a lip from my favorite color
・ I want to refer to the makeup of people with similar skin types and colors.
・ I want to easily manage my cosmetics
◆ Website
◆ Official twitter
◆ Official Instagram
◆ Handling category
◇ Eye Makeup (Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Eyeshadow) ◇ Base Makeup (Cheek, Highlight Shading, Foundation, Makeup Base, Concealer, Face Powder) ◇ Lip Items ◇ Nail / Nail Care ◇
Skin Care / Basic Cosmetics ◇ Kit ・Set ◇ Body care ◇ Beauty goods ◇ Color contact lenses ◇ Perfume ◇ Hair care ◇ Home care, etc.
◆ Inquiries
Based on your feedback, we will make Lulucos a better app.
If you have any requests, questions, or problems, please contact us at the email address below.
[email protected]

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  • Version: 4.8.5
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  • Updated: 2023-03-20