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What is Express Relais?
Installed in several cities in Morocco and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Express Relais is a network of
automatic parcel delivery lockers. Whether you are a merchant, a company or a
particular, deposit your parcels in our automatic lockers ... we take care of the rest!
How it works ?
- I prepare my package;
- I choose an automatic departure locker (the closest to me or the one located
on my usual route);
- I choose a destination: delivery to your home or to another locker
Express Relay;
- I pay the delivery costs and I receive by sms and email my information to deposit my
parcels in departure lockers;
- I go to the departure locker and drop off my package... finished!
Once the delivery has been made, I receive a notification (mail, sms, push application).
I'm interested ! How can I use this service?
With my Express Relais web or mobile application, sending or receiving parcels has never been so
simple, fast and reliable:
- I open an Express Relais account free of charge via the mobile application or via the website
- I prepare my shipment in a few clicks;
- I pay the delivery costs and I receive my information to deposit my package in the locker
- I deposit my package in the departure locker.
Do you have questions or need help? don't worry, our customer service is at your service
disposal (+212 (0)522 300 900), We also answer you by email on [email protected]
My advantages?
- I can send my package anywhere in Morocco and at any time of the day or week:
service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays;
- My recipient can be delivered to their home or to an automatic locker;
- In case of delivery in locker, my recipient can collect his parcel when it
arranges it (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)!
- I can follow my package in real time, from departure to delivery;
- I can request the return of a shipped package;
- I can use this service to receive a package that will be sent to me by someone who does not have
an Express Relais account;
- I can request cash on delivery;
- I can request the repayment of my payments on delivery at any time;
- I can pay the costs of the Express Relais service by payment code, bank card;
electronic wallet (m-wallet) or go to a money transfer agency;
- I can load my prepaid account to facilitate payments for my shipments;
- My parcel is insured and the lockers are remotely monitored.
About app usage permissions:
- Location: this app asks for permission to use your location data
to locate the lockers closest to your position.
- Personal data: CEOS Technology, operator of the trademark
Express Relais, declares to have taken all the steps with the CNDP (declarations
No: VS-311/2021 and CE-342/2021) for the protection of your personal data.
- General conditions of sale and use available on our website:

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