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Continente Supermarket purchases delivered to your home in less than 30 minutes. Install the App, place your order, and Quico Continente will deliver.
Did you forget that essential ingredient for the recipe and only realize while cooking? Did you start watching a movie and suddenly crave popcorn? Don't leave your house.
With Quico Continente, you can do your grocery shopping with express delivery. In less than 30 minutes, you can expect a courier to deliver your favorite products to your
Why Quico Continente?
► Fast deliveries: We deliver the products you need to your home in less than 30 minutes.
► Continente Card: You can accumulate balance on your Continente Card with your purchases at Quico Continente.
► More than 5,000 products: available for fast delivery.
► Supermarket and Take Away: Here you can order not only groceries but also ready-made meals.
How to place an order?
► Download the App.
► Log in with your Continente Online account or create a new one.
► Link your Continente card to your account.
► Select the products you want and add them to your cart.
► Confirm your details.
► Pay with a credit card.
What kind of products will I find at Quico Continente?
► Chocolates and Sweets: Chocolates, Chewing Gums, Dragees, Sweets, etc.
► Snacks and Potato Chips: Potato chips, Popcorn, etc.
► For Cooking: Tuna, Sausages, Seasonings, Salt, Olive Oil, etc.
► Ready Meals: Soups, Pre-prepared dishes, Snacks, Pizzas, etc.
► Breakfast and Snack: Coffee, Teas, Biscuits, Cereals, Jams, etc.
► Bakery and Pastry: Bread, Brioches, Toasts, Cakes, Tarts, etc.
► Cold Cuts and Cheeses: Sliced Cheeses, Spreadable Cheeses, Fresh Cheeses, Ham, Hams, etc.
► Fruits and Vegetables: Pineapple, Apples, Avocados, Grapes, Carrots, etc.
► Vegan and Vegetarian: Plant-based Drinks, Plant-based Creams, Vegegurts and Yofus, Vegan Kitchen, etc.
► Frozen: Frozen Meals, Frozen Fruits and Vegetables, Ice Creams and Frozen Desserts, etc.
► Dessert Preparation: Sugar, Eggs, Flours, Gelatins, etc.
► Waters and Non-Alcoholic Drinks: Juices, Nectars, Soft Drinks, etc.
► Beers and Spirits: Beer, Cider, Spirits, etc.
► Wine Cellar: White Wine, Red Wine, Rosé Wine, Sparkling Wines, etc.
► Personal Care and Health: Shampoo, Conditioner, Creams, Sanitary Pads, Tampons, etc.
► Home and Automobile: Toilet Paper, Tissues, Detergents, Trash Bags, etc.
► Baby: Milk, Porridge, Purees, Diapers, etc.
► Pets: Dog, Cat and other Pet Food, etc.
► Bookstore and Stationery: Newspapers, Magazines, and Books.
► Parties and Gifts: Wrappings, Party Utensils, and Toys, etc.
► DIY: Plugs, Batteries, Fire Starters, etc.

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