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Juz Amma is the thirtieth and last part of the Noble Qur’an, as it contains 37 surahs, which is an easy part to memorize, so this application will tes

11.38 MB

Lots of emotes type and video provided free. Emotes is a great applications you can have in your day to day life. You can see emotes video offline no

20.22 MB
Leyendas Mexicanas Updated 7.0.0

What is legend? The legend is a story that commonly describes events, miraculous, divine, heavenly, prodigious, superhuman. They are passed from gene

10.31 MB
YupiteruAR Updated 1.1.0

The tells that appear in the "Lei" series of Yupiteru radar detectors and portable navigation systems With the characters of Yupiteru such as virtual

126.73 MB

Crafty Art is awesome, plain and simple. The creative possibilities are endless, the pre-made templates helps when you're stuck, and it is super easy

12.85 MB
Megaplex Mobile Updated 5.09.101

Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatre's are consistently voted Utah's favorite movie experience. IMAX, Luxury seating, VIP, Dolby ATMOS and D-Box are just

63.03 MB

Stash Hub is a purpose built app to digitally store your entire sewing stash. Everything at your fingertips, wherever you are. Keep all your fabrics,

40.24 MB
pass Culture Updated 1.207.9

Fancy a movie? To go to the theatre? To have a duo festival or to spend the evening alone with a good book? Find thousands of cultural offers near you

33.64 MB

Want to know which prospects does today offer? Want to know more? Then the Predictions for today is just the one for you! An analog of a fortune cooki

4.39 MB
Rahma Radio 97.3FM Kano Updated 1.0.49

Download the official app for Rahma Radio 97.3fm Kano and listen to our station Live and Direct via your android device, and listen to your favorite p

20.48 MB
wifi car Updated 4.2.0

This app controls the climbing car through wireless WIFI image transmission technology.   Features: 1. Control the climbing car through the joystick;

42.87 MB

Create fake chat conversations and fool your friends The app allows you to text stories just like many messaging apps, except you can switch sides by

43.21 MB
Cinemark Perú Updated 4.7.4

Bienvenido a la aplicación oficial de Cinemark Perú para Android. Es muy fácil de usar y podrás: · Encontrar tu Cinemark más cercano a través de GPS ·

19.33 MB

Various types of posters, banners have been given in this app which is in the form of PLP file. The user can easily edit the file provided by us and u

12.67 MB
Swisscom Home App Updated 11.27.0

With the Home App as a smart remote control, you’re all set for a comfortable, safe and connected home. It gives Swisscom Internet-Box users full cont

115.72 MB
Animal talk realtime translate Updated 2019.1.0806

Talking Animals real time translation Human-Animal Human to Animals real time translator. Nomolos = Inversed Solomon. Having problem understanding wha

51.59 MB

Daijishō is a retro launcher that let you manage your retro games libraries. Daijishō cares about integrated experience, expansibility, aesthetic and

10.49 MB
simpliTV Updated 3.0.15

Simply register online, in stores or by calling 0800 969798 simpliTV package to use the app. - Live TV: The TV program always with you - Watch time-sh

135.76 MB

Introducing Gifts App, the app that lets you earn gift cards while playing games. Every game we feature is free to play. All you need to do is play yo

10.7 MB

Turn your phone into the best remote control for your Netcast or WebOS LG Smart TV, and get a set of features that no other app has, even the official

12.21 MB