XPrivacy 3.6.19 [free]


The ultimate, yet easy to use, comfort manager.

This program requires the Xposed structure to be installed
See here for the set up instructions: https://github.com/M66B/XPrivacy#installation
XPrivacy can avoid programs from dripping comfort delicate information. XPrivacy can limit the groups of information an program can accessibility. This is done by providing an program with no or bogus information. There are several information groups which can be limited, for example 'contacts' or 'location'. For example, if you limit accessibility connections for an program, this will outcome in sending an vacant contact list to the program. In the same way, reducing an application's accessibility your place will outcome in a set place being sent to the program.
XPrivacy doesn't revoke (i.e. block) authorizations from an program, which means that most programs will work as before and won't force close. There are two exclusions to this, online connection and to exterior storage space (typically an SD card) is limited by doubting accessibility (revoking permissions). There is no other way to realize this, since these authorizations are managed by Android operating system in a special way. Android operating system associates handling of these authorization to the underlying Linux system network/file system. XPrivacy will bogus off-line (internet) and/or unmounted (storage) state, but some programs try to accessibility the internet/storage nevertheless, potentially leading to accidents.
If reducing a type of information for an program results in problems for the program, it is possible to allow accessibility the information classification again to fix the issue.
By standard, all newly set up programs will have no accessibility any information classification at all, to avoid a new program from dripping delicate information right after set up. Soon after installing a new program, XPrivacy will ask which information groups you want the new program to have accessibility. XPrivacy comes with an program internet browser, which allows you to quickly enable or turn off applications' accessibility a particular information classification for example to view your schedule. It is also possible to modify all information groups for one program.
To help you identify potential information leaking, XPrivacy will monitor efforts made by all programs to accessibility delicate information. XPrivacy will show a warning triangular symbol as soon as information of a information classification has been used. If an program has asked for Android operating system authorizations to accessibility information in a information classification, this will be shown with a key symbol. XPrivacy will also show if an program has online connection, showing that the program presents a risk of discussing the information it acquires with an exterior server.

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  • Version: 3.6.19
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  • Updated: 2017-07-30