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Hello! You’re just one tap away from installing ESET Parental Control - an app designed to protect children using tablets and smartphones in a child-friendly way,
now supporting wearables.
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We all know that as a parent, it is not easy to set the boundaries for your child – that also holds true for the online world. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this: did
you know that 9 out of 10 parents think that their children aren’t ready to explore all mobile apps and websites? (Survey conducted by ESET in 2015).
Our goal is to give you the confidence to safeguard you children when using smartphones and tablets in this enticing digital era.PROTECTING KIDS ON THE WEB✓ List of most visited domains - Shows you the top visited websites✓ Web Guard - Simply enter the child’s age, and categories such as gambling and pornography are blocked automatically✓ Monitoring-only Mode for Websites - Gives you the option not to block content right awayLEARN WHAT APPS ARE KIDS USING AND WHEN✓ Application Guard - Blocking — Provides you with extra peace of mind by showing suitable apps for your children based on the Google Play content rating✓ Time-based App Control— Allows you to set maximum usage time for the given day or to prevent access to certain categories during school or bed time✓ Monitoring-only Mode for Apps — Oversee which apps your child uses without blocking access to them✓ Wearables Support — Respond to all notifications directly from your wrist.CHILD-FRIENDLY COMMUNICATION✓ Child-centered Interface and Communication — Our child-friendly interface uses respectful tone and each time explains to your kid what is happening and why✓ Unblock Request — Because good parenting is a two-way street, if a website or an app is blocked, your or maximum daily time budget is over, kid can send you a
request to unblock it. It will arrive in your inbox, as a notification on, on your smartphone, tablet or smart watch.REACH YOUR KIDS ANY TIME✓ Parental Message — Children might be busy sometimes and forget to let you know where they happen to be or what’s keeping them. Contact them using onscreen message
which they have to read to continue using the device.✓ Child Locator — Not sure of their whereabouts? Find your kid’s location from anywhere via, or directly from your smartphone or tabletWHY IS THE RATING SO LOW?
We know, that there is always something to improve, but please notice that our app might be rated by kids as well and we have to concede that not all of them are always
happy that our app filters what they may find interesting content, but happens not to be right for them.PERMISSIONS
This app uses the Device Administrator permission. We can ensure that:✓ Your children will not uninstall ESET Parental Control without your knowledge.
This app uses Accessibility services. We will be able to:✓ Anonymously protect your children against inappropriate online content and phishing web sites.✓ Measure the amount of time your children spend playing games or by using apps
Find more information about permissions requested by ESET Parental Control here: TO CONTACT US
If you are experiencing any issues with our app, have an idea what might be better, or just have some nice words for us, we are here to reply you at [email protected]

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