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\Usual movement is the point, usual place is the reward ``Prally''/
"Purary" is a point activity app that allows you to accumulate points just by moving and exchange the accumulated points for various benefits.
[Open Beta in progress] We are currently releasing an updated version that improves the ability to obtain the number of steps and distance in the application kill state, as
well as battery consumption, which has caused some inconvenience.
Please participate in the open beta and give us your feedback.<“Accumulate” points>
・Walking, trains, buses, bicycles, cars, etc. Your usual movement and number of steps will be the points.
・You can earn points even when you check in at your usual location.
・If you go out for a short trip or go on a trip, you can save points and have fun using Pralee!
・If you shop with the points you have saved, you can earn some pocket money or even a little money!
・You can spin the real gacha gacha ``Purapon'' linked with the points you have accumulated.
・Purapon has many goods that you will want to collect! Please come and get it!<"Exchange" points>
・You can use your choice of points, such as PayPay, T Points, d Points, Ponta Points, Amazon Gift Card, Google Play Points, Apple Points, etc. You can exchange the points
you have accumulated for your favorite points. .
・You can also exchange points for vouchers at stores you frequently go to, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and 31 Ice Cream.<Easy to accumulate Ponta>
・If you choose the "Ponta course", it will be easier to accumulate Ponta points than the regular course.
・If you want to save up your Ponta points and use them at Ponta, Pralee is recommended!<Recommended for these people>
・I want to use points to shop at a good price.
・I want to try poi-katsu, but I don't know how to do it
・I'm tired of the poi activities I've had so far.
・Walk and run often for health and diet purposes
・I want to save up Ponta points and use them as points.
・Check your pedometer or pedometer frequently
・I want to earn pocket money and earn money
・I am interested in a side job
・I want to accumulate points in my spare time and make use of them.

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  • Updated: 2024-04-03