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myOS is bright and colorful theme. Checkout the settings panel, made the action bar light and action bar text color black to look it more cooler. I'm trying to make it complete white, I'll be adding new apps with every update. Keep updating and keep rating with 5 stars.YOU NEED A CM12 OR CM12 BASED ROM WITH THE NEW THEME ENGINE. IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT WHAT CM12 IS DON'T DOWNLOADWhat's Themed Changes with V 4.8.0* Added CAF FMRadio* Added Cyanogenmod Account* Added Cyanogenmod Settings Device* Added Cyngn Audiofx* Added Cyngn Maxxaudio* Added Cyngn Theme Chooser* Added Google Android Calendar Changes with V 4.7.0* Added Skype* Added RarLab* Added new Homescreen wallpaper* Added new Lock Screen Wallpaper* Many other fixes Changes with V 4.5.0* Added Support for CM13* Added new QS Icons Changes with V 4.4.0* Added Afollestad Cabinet* Added Android Dialer* Added Android Phone* Added Bocharov xposed* Added CM Settings Device* Added Cyngn Audiofx* Added Cyngn Dialer* Added Cyngn Gallerynext* Added Exodus Updater* Added Google Chromecast* Added Google Camera* Added Cellular Focus* Added Golemdeit News* Many Other Fixes. Changes with V 4.3.3* Added Gramophone* Added Wallsplash* Added Greenify* Added Pocket Casts* Added GMD GestureControl Changes with V 4.3.2* Added Google Books. * Fixed Bubbles in Hangout 4.0* Fixed many minor bugs. Changes with V 4.3.0* Added Email.* Added Android Telecom.* Fixed Google Search.* Added Google Play.* Added OTA Updates. Changes with V 4.1.4* Added Google Map.* Added DspManager* Resigned Facebook. * Fixed Google Keyboard.* Optimized size,* Removed app from app drawer. Changes with V 4.1.3* Hangout V4* Redesigned Google Keyboard.* Added customized icons of system tray.* Fixed other bugs. Changes with V 4.1.2* Dirtyunicorns Updater* Sound Recorder* Package Installer* Desk Clock* Calculator Changes with V 4.1.1* Added Google Keyboard.* Improved Dialer* Improved Google Play Store* Added Dirty Unicorn About* Added Zamzao* Added CAF Radio Changes with V 4.0.1* Added all new material design dashboard.* Added support for AOSIP ROM* Added Support for Euphoria* Added support for AICP ROM* Added support for OmniROM.* Added support for Candy ROM.* Added support for Bliss Rom. Added with Update V. 4.0.0 * Added Snap Chat.* Fixed sound icon for new ROM.* Fixed other minor bugs. Added with Update V. 3.9.0 * Added Google Translator. * Added CM Setup. Added with Update V. 3.8.0 * Fixed Google Music Notification color.* Fixed suggested word background color.* Changed Dialpad, it's now mimic to you know what. * Other Minor Fix. Added with Update V. 3.7.0 * Fixed systemUI icon Size* Fixed Whatsapp link not showing* Instagram* SuperSU* Google Play Store Added with Update V. 3.6.0 * Google Inbox* Google messages* Android Launcher 3* Euphoria OTA * Cyanogenmod Lockclock Added with Update V. 3.5.0 * Fixed LTE overlapping on signal bar.* Added missing Bliss Icon in Settings. Added with Update V. 3.4.0 *Added Bootanimation. Added with Update V. 3.3.0 * Replaced keyboard, It's more mimic to, you know with keyboard.* Added Youtube. Added with Update V. 3.2.0 * Added White action-bar to contacts.* Added Google Music* Added Teslacoilsw Launcher* Added CM Trebuchet* Added Google Search* Contact* Sms* Icons* Notification tone* Settings* Dialer* Navigation Icons* Dialog* Fonts* Notifications* Ring-tone* Wallpapers* Lock Screen Wallpaper* Quick SettingsCIRCLE ME FOR LATEST UPDATES AND MORE【Contact Us】For any help or query please feel free to mail me @[email protected]

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  • App Name: myOS
  • Category: Personalization
  • App Code: com.ray.myos.cm12
  • Version: 4.8.1
  • Requirement: 5.0 or higher
  • File Size : 10.26 MB
  • Updated: 2017-08-12