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Parenting is a journey of constant decision making, especially around mealtimes. Happy Eaters is your partner in navigating the journey of weaning, finding toddler recipes
or dealing with a fussy eater. With us, your kid (0-8 years) is guaranteed a healthy relationship with food.
Get personalised meal plans and behavioural advice to avoid picky eating. Worried about recipes for a 7 month old baby? Or How does a 10 months meal plan look? You’ve got
it! We excel in age specific guidance on child’s nutrition & community support.10 Step guide to raise a Happy Eater!
1️⃣ Begin with specifying the goal whether you want to start solids, baby led weaning, reverse picky eating or want tasty recipes for toddler
2️⃣ Specify the amount of time you can invest preparing food for babies daily - whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home parent - we've got recipes that suit your
3️⃣ Choose the most suitable feeding schedules when you can have a positive and distraction-free mealtime with your little one
4️⃣ Select the type of foods you prefer for your child depending on your culture, home and lifestyle
From over 50 preparations, select the ones you’d want to try (purees, porridge, finger foods, curries, idli, paratha, poriyal, omelettes etc.)
5️⃣ Your personalised meal plans are created to let your child consume a balanced diet- increasing variety and quantity as days pass.
6️⃣ Track your baby’s reactions through favourites, dislikes and rejection preferences for each dish
7️⃣ Learn from videos and articles vetted by paediatricians to train your child for cues around hunger, feeling full to avoid eating less or overeating.
8️⃣ For parents who are just starting solid food for babies, the app seamlessly transitions to other stages as the baby grows
9️⃣ Let the toddler learn self-feeding to be able to independently indulge in a happy mealtime with the family
Ensure early exposure to first 100 foods and get how to serve tips for each of them, so that you have a high success rate of acceptance
Enjoy all these benefits during the trial period of 3 days by just paying a token fee & subscribe to the premium plan for daily personalised meals with over 2000+
recipes.Why raise a Happy Eater?
Early exposure to first 100 foods is proven to avoid picky eating. Making mealtimes less stressful for parents and kids
Children that enjoy mealtimes, finish their meals on time thereby saving precious hours for parents.
Babies learn self-regulation where they can feel their appetite and consume whatever is required by their free will.
Toddlers that learn self-feeding from an early age exhibit swift motor skills development while chewing baby meals & swift hand-eye coordination.
A healthy relationship with food means less vulnerability to lifestyle disorders when they grow up
Understanding your child’s reactions to foods ensures timely introduction and management of allergensWhy Choose Us?
Only app that has an online meal planner which recommends recipes by understanding your home, culture and lifestyle
See immediate impact on picky eating habits by recognizing your child’s eating patterns and reverse fussy eating by implementing behavioural solutions
Log the likes & dislikes of your baby meals choices, and celebrate victories, such as consumption of first 100 foods
Get a nutritious meal plan each day and never worry about macro or micro nutrients for your child
Availability of 2000+ recipes cost less than 50 paise, isn’t that a lightning deal?
‍ Save yourself from the irrelevant hacks and shortcuts with access to a library of paediatrician verified videos and articles on dietary concerns and nutritional
Reach out to us:Website: https://happyeaters.club
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happyeaters.club
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQtoL_jrjDVgv37DQ9ttdFw
Email: [email protected]
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