PJ(ピージェイ)-理想の出会いを応援するマッチングアプリ(登録無料 1.14.3 [free]






・違反ユーザーのブロック・通報機能あり!◆ こんな方にオススメ

JAPHICマーク取得 認定番号2007130176
※ PJでは、パパ活や援助交際等といった、金銭のやりとりを前提とした出会いを推奨するサービスではありません。

PJ is a "special matching app" where people who seek various forms of encounter gather.
Unlike traditional dating apps and matching apps, we offer encounters that meet various needs! It is used for various purposes such as casual encounters such as tea and
meals, dating, love activities, marriage activities, job hunting, entrepreneurship consultation.◆Meet people you can't meet in real life!
You can meet people who have no contact in everyday life with just one tap like.◆Safety and security support
・Your age is confirmed by public identification.
-Compatible with private mode to prevent body loss.
-It can be used completely anonymously.
・24/7 monitoring system
・There is a blocking/reporting function for violating users!◆ Recommended for people like this
・I want to find someone to meet right now
・I'm tired of traditional dating
・I want to use a matching app as easily as SNS
・I want to meet an adult man who is a gentleman
・I want to meet the eggs of the performing arts and models
・I want to chat anonymously and at ease
・Want to recruit her and lover
・I want to find a lover
・I want to find a friend
・Registration is free
・I want to have an adult meeting
・I want to match by specifying the date and time
・There is no encounter
・I want to find someone to eat right now
・I want to go out to drink with someone right now
・I want to meet in a neighborhood where I can meet soon
・I can't find an encounter because my work or school is busy
・I want to have a lighter encounter than Omiai
・I want to find someone to go to the store that interests me
・PJ can be enjoyed without registration, but some paid functions are available.
◆Privacy policy
◆Terms of use
Internet heterosexual introduction business notification and acceptance (acceptance number: 3019006400)
Telecommunications business has been notified
JAPHIC mark acquisition Certification number 2007130176
◆Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law
* PJ is not a service that recommends encounters that are based on the exchange of money, such as daddy activities and dating.

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  • App Name: PJ(ピージェイ)-理想の出会いを応援するマッチングアプリ(登録無料
  • Category: Tools
  • App Code: jp.eclipse.patrona
  • Version: 1.14.3
  • Requirement: 5.0 or higher
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  • Updated: 2023-05-27