Draw Sketch and Trace 1.0 [free]


Unleash your inner artist with Draw Sketch & Trace, the ultimate creative companion for both aspiring and experienced creators. Whether you're a skilled artist or just
beginning your artistic journey, our app offers a seamless blend of sketching and tracing tools to help you bring your imagination to life.Features: Sketching Mode:
Explore the world of freeform creativity with our powerful sketching tools. Start with basic shapes and transform them into intricate works of art. Express your ideas,
experiment with different techniques, and watch your sketches evolve into masterpieces. Trace Mode:
Learn from the masters! Trace over existing artworks to understand their techniques up close. Improve your skills by following the lines of experts and discovering the secrets
behind their creations. With our trace mode, you'll develop a deeper understanding of artistic composition and form.️ Precision Tools:
Achieve precision with a wide range of drawing tools at your fingertips. From fine lines to bold strokes, our tools offer unmatched control, allowing you to capture every
detail with accuracy. Vibrant Color Palette:
Choose from an extensive palette of vibrant colors to infuse life into your sketches. Experiment with shades, gradients, and opacities to add depth and dimension to your
creations. Adjustable Canvas:
Customize your canvas size and orientation to suit your creative vision. Whether you're sketching on the go or working on a detailed project, our adjustable canvas ensures you
have the perfect space to bring your ideas to life.How to Use:
Sketch Mode:
Select "Sketch Mode" from the main menu.
Choose your preferred canvas size and orientation.
Start sketching using the various drawing tools available.
Experiment with different techniques, colors, and styles to create your masterpiece.Trace Mode:
Select "Trace Mode" from the main menu.
Import an image you want to trace over.
Adjust the opacity of the image to find the perfect balance between the original and your tracing.
Follow the lines of the image to gain insights into the artist's techniques.
Saving and Sharing:
Save your sketches and traced works to your personal gallery.
Share your creations with friends and fellow artists on social media platforms.
Ignite your creativity and refine your artistic skills with Draw Sketch & Trace. Whether you're sketching from scratch or tracing to learn, our app offers a dynamic
platform for artistic expression.

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  • App Name: Draw Sketch and Trace
  • Category: Entertainment
  • App Code: tracesketch.ardrawing.traceanything.tracingpapersketching.traceandsketch
  • Version: 1.0
  • Requirement: 5.0 or higher
  • File Size : 13.83 MB
  • Updated: 2023-09-20